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Top 10 Reason How Telegram Better Than Whatsapp?

How Telegram Better Than WhatsApp

Hi! Here I am going to discuss with you about Telegram. Telegram is a messaging App like WhatsApp where we can send messages, pictures, and videos, etc. But there most of us believe that WhatsApp is the best messaging App out there and many of us have not even heard about Telegram. Here I am going to tell you about Telegram in this article, and How Telegram is Better Than WhatsApp? And you can also create Telegram Group Links like WhatsApp Group Links.

Telegram just across 200+ million active users around the world and Facebook was just caught red-handed for misusing the data of users and the company is in trouble right now that same Facebook owns WhatsApp.

So most of us are in huge doubt till now whether we should use Facebook services or not? And everyone around the globe is deleting their Facebook profile because of the data scandal. So I think it’s the best time to give Telegram a try and here are really some damn good features of the Telegram which many of you might have not even heard of.

Features of Telegram Over WhatsApp

  • Whenever before sending files to another person you can send only up to 17 MB for the video files and you can’t even send all kinds of files on WhatsApp. But on the other side in Telegram, you can send any kind of file with a maximum size of 1.5 gigs. So if you have movies to share with your friends you can do that with Telegram very easily.
  • In Telegram, the strength of group members is up to 2,00,000 while on WhatsApp you can add only 257 members to a group.
  • Telegram is a cloud-based messaging service which means every single message sent out is not stored on your phone in fact, it is stored in the data centers of Telegram so if your plan to switch to some other phone in the future then you don’t have to make backups of your chat. You just have to log in to your new phone and every single message you ever sent will be already there on your new phone.

Telegram Group Links

Like WhatsApp Groups, you can also chat with others in groups on Telegram, which is called Telegram Group. And are you want to join a group without any group admin? Yes, you can do such because there are WhatsApp as well as Telegram Group Links where you can add yourself to any suitable group which you like that is called Telegram Group Link. And herein below we collected many Latest Telegram Group Links.

We have cleared your doubts about the Telegram and Telegram Group links by this FAQ section. Get the right answers to your questions.

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